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System center configuration manager 2012 R2 (Part 7) Reporting

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We did install the SQL Reporting Services in part1 to verify it is installed and running correctly, open the Reporting Services Configuration Manager.

Click Connect.


On the Report Server Status page, verify that Report Service Status is Started.


On the Database page, verify that the Report Server Mode setting is configured as Native


On the Web Service URL page, click the URL in Report Service Web Service URLs to test the connection to the report folder.



Reporting Services Point Role

 The reporting services point is a site system role that must be configured on a server with Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services installed and running.

To install the Reporting Services Point role, from the Configuration Manager Console. Under Site Configuration, click on Sites. Click Add Site System Roles.


Click Next.


Click Next.


Select Reporting services point and Click Next.


On the Reporting services settings page, Under Reporting Services point account click Set and select Existing Account.


Specify the user account “SCCMADMIN”, Click Verify and wait until you see its Successfully Verified. Click Next.

After reporting services point role is installed. Click Close.

To verify that Reporting Services point role is installed correctly and healthy, click on Monitoring, expand system status, select Site Status we can see the Reporting Service Point is installed and Okay.



If we check the log file srsrp.log in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\Logs. We see that SRS web service is running fine on the server.


Now we can see the reports Smile



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