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System center configuration manager 2012 R2 (Part 9) Adding Distribution Points

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Distribution Points are helpful when you have a branch office that has number of clients “less than 500 client” connected through WAN to your HO. You can distribute OS images and software packages through a DP which will reduce latency and bandwidth consumption. Packages will be distributed to the DP over the WAN once and the clients pull it from the local DP over the LAN.

First we need to add the SCCMAdmin account and the SCCM Site Server account to local administrators group on the machine that will be a DP, and open the required ports.


From Administration work space and expand Site Configuration. Select Servers and Site System Roles then Click Create Site System Server.


Click Browse and add the server that will be the distribution point. Then select the Site it will be reporting to. Click Next


Fill proxy information if needed. Click Next.

Select Distribution Point and Click Next.


Select Install and configure IIS if required by Configuration Manager. Write the DP description. Click Next.


For drive settings we will use the …D:\… drive to store the content and will leave… 50 MB …that is reserved for the OS. Click Next.


You might need to make it pull distribution point if you have a large number of DPs and you need to offload the pushing of content from your CAS, primary or secondary site server. We don’t need that now so will just click Next.


Select Enable PXE support for clients option, click Yes on the prompted screen with the required ports. Select a password 12345. Click Next.


Set the content validation schedule. Click Next.


Click Add and select the corresponding Boundary Group for the branch site. Click Next.


Click Next.


Click Close.


If we go to the DP’s server we can see that the required IIS Roles is installed by SCCM as well as the Windows Deployment service “for PXE”.


And if we browse the D: Drive on the DP’s server we can see the content folders are created there.


You can monitor the status of the DP from the Monitoring work space, expand Distribution Status and Click Distribution Point Configuration Status.


Distribution Point Rate Limits & Schedule

This is a very cool feature in the SCCM DP which helps you control you’re the bandwidth usage ,There are three modes for rate limits and these are set per Distribution Point. Unlimited sending, pulse mode and the option to limit specific maximum transfer rates per hour


With the limited to specified maximum transfer rates by hour if you use only 50% of bandwidth during work hours it will send 100% of data 50% of the time, and send 0% data the other 50% of the time.

In pulse mode you can specify the size of the data blocks sent by the site system to the distribution point and a delay in seconds for how often these blocks should be sent. Good for slow wan links.

You can also use the Schedule option on your Distribution Point to restrict what kind of traffic can be sent during different hours of the day.




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